Many small businesses need to maintain an optimal computing environment, but are too small to enjoy the luxury of a dedicated IT department. Just because a business is small, doesn't mean it should lack the technology to succeed. CCI provides services to meet those needs.

Nathan Maxwell is a network administrator focusing on small and medium sized businesses. His skill set has been carefully tailored to support a broad range of products; from server class hardware, software, and operating systems, to desktops and their related technology. These abilities translate to assisting our customer's in the widest of possible ways.

Throughout Nathan's years of experience in the IT industry, he's been responsible for networks of varying sizes and complexities. Even when his primary focus was server administration, he continued to invest time in working desktop trouble tickets. This helped him avoid the pitfall many network administrator's fall into where they begin to focus so much on the server administration part of networking they loose touch with the desktop.

Nathan has invested large amounts of time in maintaining some of the industries top certifications (and even wrote a guide to help college professors teach some of the certifications), the Microsoft System's Engineer (Windows 2000 and 2003), Microsoft System Administrator (Windows 2003), Certified Novell Administrator, and Certified Novell Engineer. He has also acquired three vendor neutral certifications, Security+, A+, and Network+. Instead of attending classes where, many times, instructors provide "hints" regarding questions on the exam, he's chosen to self-study all of his exams, over 25. This ensures he knows the software he's being tested on, and not just the expected answers.

Services include:

  • New Server Deployment
    • Designing initial spec
    • Soliciting quotes from appropriate vendors
    • Helping customer decide on correct server
    • Assembling server components
    • Server operating system installation and configuring
  • Network Design
    • Physical network hardware installation and maintenance
    • Secure internet access
    • Remote Access setup
    • Electronic Faxing setup
    • Site to site VPN setup
    • E-mail server setup and configuration
    • Workflow consulting
    • Backup software installation and configuration
    • Corporate anti-virus and anti-spam solutions
  • PC Support
    • Workstation deployment
    • Workstation maintenance and repair
    • Automated software rollout
    • Operating system installations
    • PDA support
    • General PC hardware/software troubleshooting.
    • Spyware/virus removal

"My goal is to provide well-rounded, high quality, responsive IT services to small businesses."